MonkeyBoy Radio


Take a listen!


When MonkeyBoy Radio decided to start their internet broadcast domain, they definitely needed a killer website that would offer instant audio streaming, a dynamic audio player that wouldn't stop if you switched pages, as well as a full blog, event calendar, e-commerce store, and room to expand!


We used a print -on- demand white label provider for merchandise that integrates into the e-comm platform so the total transaction process stays on the site!
We also are streaming live the broadcast feed the client uses so you can load the page up, listen to the radio, surf around, and the site doesn't cut out. It can also be used as a mobile web player.

Everything Else

This is the site that has it all, while at the same time being very performance driven. With this many moving pieces, it's easy to forget about performance, but that's exactly what we do. We make sure the site is tuned for performance.
As a future project, we are looking into developing a mobile streaming app to listen on the go!


Streaming 24/7 directly from the clients choice of broadcast provider.


The site is 100% optimized for mobile, including a popup radio streaming player with Track info.


The site serves as the feed for a weekly podcast show as well. The files are hosted on our CDN for fast file delivery that doesn't impact the site speed.

The Future

With a native phone app in the works as well as more show content, more delivery methods, and a bunch more... The site is setup in the best possible way for future expansion.