I'm Jake!

I make videos,

and graphics, and websites, and music, and magic, and I'm also a licensed drone pilot!

Please check out my portfolio for a sample of my work!

Adobe and I are best friends!

I've worked with the Adobe suite since back before it was a suite! Then it became a creative suite.. then a creative cloud! You could say we've known each other a long time!

Press is the Best!

I love designing websites mainly because it allows me to use almost all of my skill sets in one way or another. I've found the best platform to build on is WordPress, and you will never convince me otherwise!

Video is my Jam!

I've worked in video filming, editing and promotional video creation for over 10 years. We have a fantastic
on-going relationship!

I'm a big solo team guy!

I know... That doesn't make sense... BUT IT DOES!
I'm a big team guy. I love collaboration with people to create new ideas! I also am a fan of individual creative work as well. Either way, I live for the fast paced envornment!

I've worked with some great people over the years!